Welcome to Christian Wicklein Photography

Ansel Adams said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. This is the philosophy applied to the images and expressions that you will find here.

What you will experience are my representations of the observations I have made throughout my time as a photographer. The goal of this site is to allow the viewer an experience of truly stepping into the shoes of another human being and observing a subject or topic through my eyes and imagination.

From the mundane to the most grandiose, we encounter so many beautiful things along our separate paths. Throughout history, from cave paintings of our distant relatives to the 3D Virtual Reality Paintings of modern technology that you can tour as if it were surrounding you, we have been interpreting and creating our natural world through creative expression. 

It is my hope that you truly enjoy yourself while experiencing my mind’s eye. Each image has its own story. This collection will continue to grow as long as I am willing and able. My mission is to study, observe, record and document our natural world so that I can impart a sense of how I see it.

The cave paintings, VR and indeed photography are not so different. They allow us to communicate with one another, tell stories, showcase ideas, and bring about new ways of seeing what we may not have been fully aware of. Artistic expression brings us together with harmonious agreement, divides us with subjective opinion, allows us to question the very value systems we have placed upon ourselves and others. It gives us the opportunity to change them if we do so desire. The artist is the translation between the natural world and perceived reality. They are the medium by which thought transcends and exists. A lofty position, not bereft of responsibility. 

Evolution has given us the ability to learn, evaluate and communicate. The genius of the master craftsman: Galileo GalileiLeonardo da VinciVincent VanGoghFrida KahloClaude MonetPablo PicassoSalvador DalíRembrandtMichelangelo, and Albrecht Dürer, to name a few, have given us inspiration and continue to fill us with wonder every single day. It is my hope that you as the viewer, the experiential endpoint, can enjoy my own pieces of art and share the ones you appreciate with those you care about. 

A photographer’s duty, if there is such a thing, is to bring about a sense of feeling. Whether they are documenting difficult times in a time of crisis like Tom Stoddart and Steve McCurry, or shooting some of the most influential people or fashion models like Annie Leibovitz and Albert Watson. Some change the way we see the human body, like Herb Ritts and Carl Warner. Others capture some of the most peaceful monochrome images like Fan Ho or record a piece of intangible time like Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s decisive moment. Of course, who could forget the legendary Ansel Adams with his meticulously detailed landscapes. We communicate a deep understanding of feeling and connection to one another and the world around us through the recording of the inexhaustible resource: Light

Reflection and refraction of light gives us the opportunity to receive, decipher and perceive the chemical response of experience. An image without a viewer has no emotion. The viewer is a part of the process. The recording of a scene and subject is just a step in that process. The end result being the emotive chemical response of the perceiver. We have all been through a gallery in one form or another and have been moved by someone who had the bright idea to share their interpretation with the world. What you will find here are my interpretations, impressions, expressions, feelings, emotions, and observations.

I follow in the footsteps of giants to explore my world and share it with you.