Christian Wicklein



It is my pleasure to welcome you to my latest representation of my work as an Artist.

I chose the title Artist after a long conversation with myself about what I want out of life and how to best go about it. I chose photography as a medium because it was a way to paint with an inexhaustible resource: Light.

What you see here is a small fraction of my best guess at the interpretation of emotion itself in its various forms.

In short, it is how I view the Earth while trying to convey how I feel about the world in which we live.


I would like to make clear that I am not a Master. Quite the contrary. I am a lifelong student of the world. My grandfather once said to me: "Son, no matter how old you get, no matter what it is you decide to do, you never stop learning. Knowledge doesn't take up any space". The photo shown above is a shot I took, with my grandfather, when I was around 10 years old. I had never held a camera before and this one was special. The camera was heavy and had an odd shape, like a UFO. Opi held on to that photo for me until I was old enough to do something with it. I didn't first realize how important it was until I was a decade older.

USS Ronald Reagan-2x3_1200




I served in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Technician. From 2006 to 2014, I wore a blue uniform. I made use of my skills and education to better understand the mechanics behind some of the most interesting and impressive pieces of machinery. I Served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. My job was to provide Power to the Crew, Propulsion to the Ship, and Catapults to the Aircraft. It was an adventure. It was there that I reignited a deep passion for art and technology through the medium of photography. I won a small contest when we were visiting the Middle East. I wish I still had that photograph, but alas, it was lost to the Sea.

Bodie Church

I did come out with a lucky shot or two. I learned quite a bit in a very short amount of time. Made an impression in Temecula, California, where I am on permanent display on the ground floor at the Temecula Valley Hospital. I have shown in San Francisco's SoMa, San Diego's many parks and a few Fine Art events in between. I even won second place at the Sonoma County Art Show in Santa Rosa with the above Church from Bodie, CA. Free Art Friday was a favorite of mine, where unassuming people would get a chance at finding my signed prints hidden around a city.

Laguna Pools

Currently, I have chosen the student's lifestyle. I live in Bend, Oregon with the Adventurer Meredith and our amazing adventure dog, Sadie. You may have seen her spotlight in the Companions section of the site. As for schools, I have attended Thomas Edison State University and more recently Santa Barbara City College. The latter has, easily, the most beautiful campus you will ever see.




I hold six educational degrees. While In the military, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Energy. I also hold degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy. As for my professional career after the military, I learned the lithographic process, how to create microchips, coat color-shifting pigments, and build robots. Aside from photography, I love to hike, draw, waste hours around museums and to teach. I hope to pursue some form of that one day.

Grand Adventure-2x3_1200